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Concerning my last post...

My last post was met with some amount of hostility, and while some of the feedback was harsh I feel it was well deserved. Nothing drives me more than criticism. That said, I have revised the article into a manner that I hope is less dogmatic and just more informative.

After re-reading the article this morning, as I was trying to tweak it, I found many sections where my own fears and anger of past circumstances were glaring me in the face. This is not my intention for Craft Haven--to rant, and point fingers. I merely wish to be educational and to provide comfort to those seeking it. I will be more diligent here on out to make sure that I do not offend people. I am not naive in thinking that I can please everyone, but these past few hours have shown me that I can do much better.

If you wish to read the revised article, please refer to my last post for the link.
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Pagan Sexuality

So recently I wrote an article about pagan sexuality. It was successful to a large degree. My goal was to be as upfront about the subject as I could be. You hear of so many people who mark sex as taboo, or they are at the very least embarrassed about the subject.

Why is this? The idea of sex ranges from an oppressed 'I am a sinner' view, to the carefree 'sex is a hobby' view. Where's the balance? I understand that the majority of people today grow up in households with parents whose best idea to keep their kid from 'promiscuity' is to tell them how wrong and disgusting sex is. What a mind trip!

I was part of a Christian family in my teens. My hormones were running wild around age seventeen. I was already inclined to be a 'rebel' and I can only imagine if my parents told me the above viewpoint. No doubt, I would only have gone to see for myself. Yet, I'm not like everybody. There are some people who take what their parents say as gospel (excuse the pun) and end up with their entire outlook on a life of love, tainted to a depressing degree.

What comes as a surprise is the look on peoples faces when they read that having safe and responsible sex is enjoyable. It widens peoples eyes with an expression of, "really?". Yes, really. Outside of being a responsible, loving adult, I don't feel that there should be any other sex rule. Sex is natural and should be enjoyed, not shunned. You shouldn't have to feel bad about it.

There are many other avenues I discussed in the article. If you would like to read it, just click here.
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Hello everyone! This is officially my first post to this community, so I thought I would introduce myself. My pen/craft name is Marcus Briarstone, and I am a writer for a pagan informational website known as Craft Haven.

I am male, 26 years of age, and identify myself as an eclectic pagan. I do not follow a specific path as I find courage, strength, and harmony with most forms of earthen spirituality. I write to inform people of pagan history, celebrations, recipes, spells, and ultimately our common ground with many other faiths. It is through such that I find a sense of contentment; I drive myself to constantly update the website and provide accurate information through it, as well as my tweets on Twitter, and my posts here on Livejournal.

The website is a baby for now. There is a ton of work to do. My goal is to have it fully fleshed out with several hundred articles by the end of this summer--accurate and thought provoking articles.

I hope you all have a grand day. Thank you for reading this.
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Mod Note

Is this community still alive? Just checking.

Experiencing varying amounts of paranormal activity in here. Any ideas either xtian or pagan on how to make it stop??
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(x-posted, sorry to those affected)


Here's my brief introductory message:

I've been a healer, clairvoyant, and astrologer for over 35 years.

Each month I make available free horoscopes, and as of this year I'm posting them up on my LiveJournal, so friend me, and you can read them on your Friend's page.

Monthly Aries Horoscope

Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Monthly Cancer Horoscope

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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Monthly Libra Horoscope

Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

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Monthly Pisces Horoscope

Part of my motivation behind my venturing into LiveJournal is that people might give me some feedback, and suggest popular topics I might analyze, so please leave comments and criticism - I don't know what to talk about unless you tell me.

Good to be here, and please enjoy my Journal!
Laid Back

(no subject)

I don't know how relevant this is, but does anyone know much about the I-Ching?  I just threw the I-Ching for help on how to get out of my depression.  I got a certain hexagram (approach), with three changing lines, the first, the fifth and the sixth.  This changed me into the next hexagram, which was dispersion.
I am doing it for a class. the idea was to consult the I-Ching, do what it told me to do, and write a five page paper on what happened.
I feel overwhelmed that I got three changing lines.
I'm not sure if I'll get any I-Ching people that can help me understand my hexagrams, but I'm putting it out there anyway.  If this is the wrong place for it, let me know.  I'm not writing all this down again.

This has been mentioned before, but...

I'm going at it from a different angle, and hopefully it'll spark some discussion.

We've talked a little about what "compatible religious beliefs" are in a serious relationship.... I think I was more or less the only one that said they needed to be nearly identical for me to be comfortable.

Now, I pose the view... what about a casual relationship? Does it matter to you? Would you [should you?] feel the need to "straighten them out" or be an example in your chosen path if they don't already follow it?

This is something I've been struggling with lately, and I'd really like to hear some input.   
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I'm a diva!

Random thoughts on being clairvoyant

One of the things that I have seen over the past few years, since I came to realize that I am clairvoyant, is that people try to overanalyze your abilities ...or they can be downright judgmental (even if it's not intentional).

I have a hard time explaining that I am NOT psychic, and that I really don't know where this ability comes from. I see it only as that I am more in tune with my sixth sense than a lot of people are, and that I trust it. Many people have "gut feelings" on various things, but don't trust them for fear of being labeled Paranoid. I understand this; I really do. I have those days myself. However, the "gut feelings" have been right more times than not, and they have either saved my life (if I didn't move over when I was "told" to, I would have been in another horrible accident), helped me to not get lost while on road trips, and even helped my husband win a breakfast sandwich from Burger King (when asked which one of the skull images he should scratch off). LOL Sometimes the feeling is correct; sometimes, it isn't. I don't get the strong gut feelings every day. It's just that when I do, I pay attention.

The main thing that bugs me is when I am asked if I believe this is a gift from God (or some other entity know what I mean). Me personally, even though I am a Christian, I don't like linking these types of abilities to religion. I feel it's a spiritual thing, but not a religious thing. I think anyone, regardless of what religion they practice (or even if they aren't religious at all), can have these abilities. Maybe all of us do in some form, but there are people out there who aren't aware of it. I'm still trying to understand it all.

Wherever it comes from, I see it as a blessing. I don't expect everyone to believe that I have this ability, because from a skeptic's point of view, it could sound farfetched. I just hope that everyone can respect that there ARE people out there in tune with whatever abilities they have & that they do help if you let them.
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