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My friend says the cemetery next door to where her husband is buried is very active. Should I investigate it or leave it alone?

New thought for the week: How were you introduced to religion? Was it forced on you or did you attend church or sabbats on your own free will?

For me, I was forced into the church at a young age and I wound up resenting it, now I study things on my own. If I had been allowed to choose when I wanted to start attending, I would have been a lot happier, and a lot less scared of hell and damnation. (Evangelical Christian, although now I'm pagan/christian blend it is hard to explain and I'll do it another post when I'm not ill.)

Mod post :-)

You don't have to be referred here to join up :-)

Welcome xounlabeledxo and mysticfey!!

A poll to get some discussion started :-)

Poll #1175158 Paranormal Sightings

Have you ever seen ghosts/angels or felt a prescence?

Are you crazy in the head?
Yes, and it scared the hell out of me.
Yes, and it was pretty interesting
I felt prescences but never seen them.
I've felt/heard things but never seen them.

The obligitory intro post...

I figured my precence prescense ... presence [!] here would probably require some explanation... so I come bearing explanations!

timmakowski invited me here. I am ... well, its hard to put a label on my beliefs. I was raised in a conservative Christian family -- but I would consider myself more of a liberal Christian. I am very settled and satisfied in my beliefs, however unconventional they may seem. I would cite some of my more "alternative" beliefs here, but... I'd have to use a cut ;)  I'm sure later discussion will turn them up.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and let you know that I'm not your typical Bible-thumper. Can't wait to see discussions started in this community -- I love discussion of religion, philosophy, and theology.

Peace and love to all :)   

What is simple? What is not?

What is simple and or challenging as far as having relationships as a pagan/agnostic/questioner/etc. go? Describe the perks and challenges of each of your individual relationships, if you're involved in one, if not, the challenges of finding someone who understands your beliefs.

Just a reminder

Paranormal state comes on at 10/9pm central time tonight on A&E. This was the show I was talking about in yesterday's post. Watch if you'd like and let me know what you think. :-)

I've been following this on A&E.....


The series runs under the name Paranormal State. What is everyone's take on this? Are they a bunch of crazy college kids or are they and the cases legit??

The asylum episode particularly interested me, as does Effie, their occult specialist and possible pagan. (She's never confirmed it, but knows way too many gaelic rituals/spells for me to think not....)

My introduction

Hi, all. I've been a pagan since 1999, but have had a fairy companion since 1993. My companion is my 'soulbond,' as he uses the image of a fictional character to reach out to me. We have used various images over the years, but I hope to stick with the latest one, as it feels like 'the one.'

My companion and I use automatic writing to communicate, and he has his own LiveJournal. He'll be communicating with everyone on here from time to time.

I use a form of magic called 'Chevalomancy,' which uses the images of horses for the sake of spells and divination.

I apologize if my methods seem unorthodox; I have good intentions, and am willing to discuss my beliefs with anyone who might be interested.

It's here....

If you have received an invite, welcome! If you are here by surfing lj interest pages, welcome!!!

All aboard, let the games begin, yada yada yada!

Your Moderator,