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Where convention ends and the fun begins!

Alternative Paths for Pagan/Non-Pagan individuals
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For those with alternative life paths, a place to share ideas and chat.
This is a journal for users on alternative or pagan religious paths. We currently have open membership, meaning all you have to do to post is join. However, the following will not be tolerated:

1. No flaming. I mean it. I created this community as the direct result of creating a safe haven for users who have been flamed in other places for various reasons.

2. Keep it nice- Open discussion is nice, personal attacks over beliefs and witch wars are not. If you cannot participate in an open discussion and be civil about your difference of opinion, keep your opinion to yourself until you can.

3. Keep an open mind. Not everyone is pagan here, not everyone is christian. This community is for seekers.

4. Have fun- what is a community without some good old fashioned fun once in a while? Feel free to post content relevant to this community that you find humorous or witty.

Rules are subject to updating as this community evolves. Blessings!

Your moderator,